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Ice cold Mango Juice

I went to the mainland to sort out some affairs and trust my camera to come along with me. I hardly leave home these days without it. It has become an extension of me, helping me see the world from a better and friendlier eye. Yes, it allows me to take pictures and trust me, you get to make lots of conversations with passers-by who may be intrigued by you and your cammy.

I met these delightful kids who were practising being Keke napep drivers and passengers. It reminded me of when I seriously wanted to be a truck pusher as a young child. I felt they had total freedom to go wherever they wanted. Oh such naivety! The way we see life as children is a far cry from life itself. Well, they totally made my day with their bright smiles and innocence. As soon as I was done taking their pictures, I spotted a mango seller walking past with his wheel barrow and I decided to get some. This is the genesis of our Mango Juice preparation story.
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Agbalumo (African star apple) drink

The “Agbulomo” season is here again. Yipee! Known as “African star apple and botanically called Chrysophyllum africanum. The name changes according to it’s location. The Nigerian specie is called Chrysophyllum pruniforme, while star apple found in the Amazon basin is called Chrysophyllum amazonicum and so on.

Some say this fruit originated from the northern amazon forest in South America. It is known to flourish in tropical regions around the world.

I remember craving Agbalumo like crazy this time last year, I was heavily pregnant and thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this fruit. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted I would say “Agbalumo”. Simple! 🙂 It just did something to calm my nerves and taste bud, being one of those women who salivated from early conception, till months after delivery. Annoying I tell you. This fruit was my saviour and I fashioned ways of enjoying it. This is one of them.

agbalomo seller

It is so easy to make and delicious.

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How to brew fresh homemade Ginger tea.

As I type this post, I am sipping my home made ginger tea. It’s so good that I feel the stinging refreshing sensation at the back of my throat.

Ginger going back more than 2,000 years in China, the herb has been used to treat nausea, upset stomach and help with digestion and diarrhea. It is also used in stir fries and Asian cooking. Nigerians now use it for spicing meat and fish and so much more. Continue reading How to brew fresh homemade Ginger tea.

Kick a** Coffee

It’s a Saturday morning and it screams for coffeeeeee! Let’s do something different from the regular coffee you had all week. Let’s do the kick a** coffee. 🙂

Okay, doctor says no coffee for me because of my biggie-belle but my husband is the one doing the drinking. Kick a** coffee is a drink blending strong coffee with the combined kick of brandy and Cinnamon. See Skoskori!!! 🙂 Continue reading Kick a** Coffee

Water melon Pineapple delight

Love a tall,cold, delightful drink with pizzazz? Then this is for you!


1 cup pineapple juice (freshly juiced)
1 cup watermelon juice (freshly juiced)
1/4 cup Johnnie Walker Red Label
Ice cubes

watermelon and pineapple fruit

* Alternatively, you can get a bottle of FruitMax pineapple/watermelon pure fruit juice to mix. Continue reading Water melon Pineapple delight

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