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Fruits of the Sea Dodo

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? 🙂 I have been busy cooking, cooking, cooking! Cooking for clients (Home deliveries, office parties and events). I tell you, large scale cooking is not easy o! It can be draining especially when you cook with your head and heart but I totally enjoyed it and it was great for the pocket too. 😉 I hope you all are great. I missed the blog but I was glad to take this little holiday off the blog to rejuvenate and to come back with interesting recipes.

This recipe was born out of my love for sea food and dodo. It is a very easy to cook spicy tomato based recipe and delicious.


It is packed with mussels, shrimps, octopi, calamari rings and squids and of course, our all time favourite “Dodo”.
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Gbagbafofo (Okra Pepper Soup)

From the southern part of Nigeria, in the riverine Niger-deltan region comes Gbagbafofo. An Itsekiri delicacy made with sweet smelling spices, herbs, meat and fruits of the sea. Just like banga soup , Gbagbafofo is a favourite amongst the Itsekiris. It is easy to prepare and oil free, making it a wonderful dish for those who are conscious of their oil intake.


Gbagbafofo can be eaten with starch , eghwobobo and eba.

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Shrimp Coconut Rice

As kids, we loved this dish so much. The problem was that Mummy Queen  hardly cooked it. So, whenever she did, there was some sort of secret celebration amongst the kids. We just couldn’t wait for the pot to get off the cooker. Trust me, the pot emptied up in a few minutes. Such coconut-y deliciousness!

Thanks to modernization,  we now have coconut milk in cans but the die hard ethnic foodist in me still imagines that the fresh coconut juice and milk is the real deal.  😉 Blame it on Grandma’s idiosyncrasies which I swallowed hook, line and sinker… maybe 😉

coconut milk

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C-Series: Coconut Shrimps

Hello and welcome to the C-Series (Christmas Series). Thanks for your emails and suggestions through the suggestion box. I appreciate them all. I was taking out time to perfect some really delicious recipes. I know I am going to excite your taste buds…in short be ready for wahala with these recipes. Your loved ones will scream for more. Trust me when I say they will beg for more. This will be one of the best shrimps you have ever tasted! Dipped in the sweet chilli sauce… Ayakata! You can also add it to your small chops collection. Ah! Some of you who sent me emails must be smiling now. 🙂

fresh shrimp small Fresh shrimps

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Bitter leaf Egusi soup with Periwinkles: The Niger-Delta Way

Egusi soup is one of the most populous soups in Nigeria and it is prepared in different regions differently. The Yorubas make their egusi balls chunky, the Ibos add an array of vegetables and people from the south-south of Nigeria enjoy using fresh sea foods like shrimps, fresh fish, prawns, octopus, crabs etc. for their egusi soup. I’d love to tell you that fresh sea foods go so well with bitter leaves in soups. The bitter leaves enhance the taste. Okokobiokoto! 😀

egusi gif

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Mummy Queen’s Okra Soup

Knowing Mummy Queen is knowing great cooking. Mummy Queen is the reason I cook wonderfully today. People are always delighted whenever they eat my meals but “they ain’t seen nothing yet!”. Wait until you taste Mummy Queen’s meals… Chei! Chei!! Chei!!! You go know sey I be learner (as Olamide talk am) for where she dey. Then wen you wack her food, like Yemi Alade, you go shout, “Ayakata!” 😀 Continue reading Mummy Queen’s Okra Soup

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