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Choco Coconut and Cococnut Puff Puff

This season has been very busy for me. I have been working hard and hustling for money. I also have my mother in law around, so I have been busy taking care of her needs. E nor easy…I tell you.

Luckily, she happens to be a huge fan of puff puff, so I decided to be creative with it. Walking into my ladder, I noticed I had four packets of desicated coconuts…left overs from a coconut rice I made for a company event a while ago. So I grabbed it, beside it was standing a can of Amel Susan Cocoa powder which I plucked off the rack too. You both are going into my puff puff recipe I said to myself.


And in they went.

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Camouflage Sausage Roll

The name sounds interesting eh? See how they look on the chop board, like soldiers on the parade ground waiting for their commandant’s commands? 😀 Well this sausage roll’s look was born out of a mistake. A mistake I tried to rectify quickly by opening my oven, pulling out the baking tray and brushing over the rolls with egg wash hoping to get the shinny look of baked products but nah nah! The rolls already exposed to heat had a mind of their own and they decided to turn into these beauties. You see, the heat process had already made the molecules start to move, heat transferred from a hotter region to a less hot region, solidifying the particles. Okpari! Story don change…the cooking process had started…no going back!

This reminds me that some of our best inventions were born out of mistakes. Imagine the beloved “Coka Cola” was originally intended to be a cough syrup that went awry but alas, it is one of the world’s most popular products today.

Now, let’s begin this journey.

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C-Series: Chin-chin Coconut Candy Ice cream Delight

Phew! I have really been busy this week. Making the Chin-chin Coconut Candy Ice cream delight , sending out proposals, having meetings and making gazillions of phone calls. E nor easy to make money o! My phone was also ringing with callers wanting to place orders for the MatseCooks Christmas hampers. See hampers here. Some even calling me at mid night. I love you guys but please no mid night calls. Shuooo! Do you want my husband to suspect me of playing hanky-panky games?! Make dem trowey my load for outside or carry me go swear Otumokpor for village?! 😀 I nor dey o! You can call sha but make it during office hours 😉 I appreciate you all.

This Chin chin Coconut Candy Ice cream delight is what I will call a very Nigerian dessert. A mix of our local snacks and ice cream, giving you a light, crunchy, pleasant and delicious experience. Worthy to be served at parties, restaurants et al. Great for guests this festive season.

Another lovely feature of the chin chin used in this recipe is that it was baked and not fried which is a healthier option for the health conscious foodies. You may fry in vegetable oil if you wish.
chinny1 Baked Chin chin

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Sweet Potato Balls

This yummy snack is Asian in origin. Crispy on the outside and chewy inside. If you are one of those people who enjoy trying out something new, then this recipe is for you. I had to adjust the recipe several times to get this yumminess.

The first one I made was so hard and like chinchin. I had to start reducing, adding…bla bla bla just to get the right consistency. Cooking no easy I tell you! Despite it all, I made this easy for you. So that you can fry as much as you want.

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Nigerian Half Moon Meat Pie

Happy Eid-al-Fitr holiday to all the muslims out there. You can add this to your delicacies. Honestly, substitute the meat in this recipe with minced ram (or blend the ram meat in a blender). *wink wink*.

I made this post because of my blog readers that were urging me to show them how to make Nigerian meat pie. YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. Just pray for health and strength for me.

Like it’s name, the Nigerian meat pie has a half moon shape…unlike most pies that are circular. It is a hand held pie and can pass as finger food if it is made in minute sizes. The Nigerian meat pie can be made in two ways, by frying or baking. Continue reading Nigerian Half Moon Meat Pie

Nigerian Soft Puff puff

The Nigerian soft puff puff is a very popular snack in Nigeria. It is so easy to prepare with very little ingredients but the cooking techniques must be followed to achieve desired result. I promise you that this, tastes exactly like the street side puff puff you enjoy and long for. You can serve it with beverages or fried fish. Continue reading Nigerian Soft Puff puff

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