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Urhobo “Oil Less” Egusi Soup

How I learnt how to prepare this soup takes me back to my university days. A young man by the name Avwerosuo Okwuagbe taught me how to cook this soup. I remember the first time I had it, I took the first lump of eba, then another, and then another. It was simply lovely and a brand new way of experiencing Egusi soup.


It was just exotic to me, earthy and comforting. I was so used to eating the regular palm oil made Egusi soup and to learn from “Suo” as we called him that this recipe is so easy to prepare, blew my mind away. One thing I can tell about the Urhobos is that they can use a handful of ingredients to make great tasting meals.

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Bitter leaf Pepper Soup

This beautiful recipe was inspired by my cousin, Tina Joseph Kagho. A very jolly personality who is well known for her Joie de vivre. An excellent entertainer and a great cook. I just love her.

When I spied a bowl of bitter leaf pepper soup she cooked, stuffed with goat meat and all the orishrishis , I couldn’t hold myself back. I simply begged for the recipe. Aunty, I said. “Abeg I need the recipe fast, fast”. Being her ever generous self, she handed it over to me with no qualms. Aaaand NO! This is not the Edo black soup.

1 Market trip

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Owoh Soup

Owoh soup is one of the most cherished soups of the Itsekiris, Isokohs and Urhobos of Delta state. It is mostly cooked during festive seasons…especially when giving out a daughter’s hand in marriage. A marriage ceremony without this soup is questionable. This is the soup most guests look forward to as most modern homes hardly cook it.

I can boldly tell you that more than 70% of the ladies from the tribes mentioned above shy away from preparing this soup. 😀 It can make or break you as a correct delta cook but I am here to make it easy for you 😉


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Isha (Beans Soup)

Isha is an Urhobo delicacy made from brown beans. It is prepared mostly during special occasions or festivities. The sweetness of the beans combined with native spices makes this dish something to die for. Unlike the Yoruba Gbegiri, Isha is prepared whole, with the skin and all. It is not mashed or grinded. Looking for a new dish to try at home, then this is the dish for you. 😀 Absolutely delicious.


Now let’s cook!
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Gbagbafofo (Okra Pepper Soup)

From the southern part of Nigeria, in the riverine Niger-deltan region comes Gbagbafofo. An Itsekiri delicacy made with sweet smelling spices, herbs, meat and fruits of the sea. Just like banga soup , Gbagbafofo is a favourite amongst the Itsekiris. It is easy to prepare and oil free, making it a wonderful dish for those who are conscious of their oil intake.


Gbagbafofo can be eaten with starch , eghwobobo and eba.

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Groundnut Soup

This is the soup that can rival banga soup. Yes! I said it. Made from roasted yummy groundnuts and flavoured mildly with roasted erhe/iwo you don’t wanna miss this. NO! You just need to taste this. You will lick your hands and fingers. Scream uhmmmm when the groundnut sauce pours into your mouth from the nooks and crannies of the roundabout and abodi that have been cooked lovingly in this taste bud enchanter. You may not be able to wait for the next meal time with groundnut soup on the menu. This soup is great…O yes it is!


Let’s not waste your time. Let me indulge you.
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