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Pepper Stew

One of the most eaten delicacies in Nigeria is stew and it comes in varieties having slight modifications in different parts of the country. There is hardly a restaurant you walk into that doesn’t have this side dish on their menu. If you don’t have stew on your menu, then you are not ready for business as it goes well with staples like yam, rice, plantain, potatoes etc.

It is easy to prepare and very versatile…you can make it with fish, meat, mushrooms, snails, sea food and many more. I love to change my stew recipes as I easily get tired of the same old tatse, so I explore…using all sorts of meat and vegetables from time to time.

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Efirin (Scent Leaf) Fish Stew

I love tomato stew and I enjoy tweaking it to change the taste or enhance the eating pleasure. The beauty of culinary arts just like other art forms is that you are free to express yourself as you wish. Having your cooking pots and pans as your canvas, one can lovingly combine ingredients into something spectacular and utterly decadent. 🙂


The Efirin idea has been long used by cooks of the past to add pizzazz to tomato stews but it is not so popular. Well, we thank God for the new age where information is shared freely. I bring you the Efirin Fish Stew.

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Warri Mama Put Stew

If you are from Warri and as a young girl, loved to shop for cosmetics at Main market, Warri. You can attest to the wickedness of this stew. This stew na fire! Found at the main entrance of Main market.
The difference between the Warri Mama put stew and the Lagos buka stews is that the Warri Mama put uses all types of meat…goat meat, turkey, chicken, beef, tripe, liver, ponmo, fish, boiled eggs etc It is a celebration of animals! Warri men love to eat meat. In short, the amount of meat you eat is a status symbol. *hahaha* 😀

Onos na big bros o! See a many meat e dey cccchop! 😀

The Lagos buka stew mainly uses some parts of a cow or goat meat. The Warri Mama Put for extra uniqueness of taste adds a bit of blended dried crayfish for oomph.

The Lagos buka stew is light in consistency but the Warri Mama put makes hers thick. A little can go a long way.


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Mixed Peppers Stew

Are you tired of the regular stew? Do you want something to make your family go Ooooh! Aaaah! Running back to the kitchen for more? Then this mixed pepper stew is for you. Absolutely delicious and will fill your home with a beautiful aroma. Continue reading Mixed Peppers Stew

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