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MatseCooks’ Designer Eba

Eba (swallow) has evolved from just being rounded and placed on a plate into beautiful food art. I decided to do my own take on swallows…something nice and modern. Something very unique.

I was busy cleaning up and arranging my kitchen when I spied my biscuit maker/ cake decorator and I said to myself. Hey! You could do something extra-ordinary with this. I have always been gifted with my hands and made amazing cake decorations, so I decided to use Eba as my raw material for designing.

soup small

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5 Minute Microwave oven Amala

Amala has never been easier and you can do it in 5 minutes. Aint that Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly cool 😀 I made several mistakes while trying to make Amala with my microwave oven. Unlike the Microwave oven Eba that is so easy to make, the microwave oven Amala took a lot of experimenting until I got it right. Yipee! The first person I saw make Amala with a micro-wave oven was actually my cousin Alero Uwatse -Edukugho several years ago. It didn’t cross my mind to replicate the process until I became a food blogger willing to share ideas and tricks. This will make your life so easy. It requires less washing, less stress,  giving you perfectly made Amala that is almost lump-proof. Oh yes! 😀 10 Continue reading 5 Minute Microwave oven Amala

Eghwobobo (Eba with Plantain Swallow)

Eghwobobo! Swallow made delicious! Most swallows are bland when tasted. Garri, fufu, pounded yam, starch, amala etc. Abi I lie?! Some people do not like swallows because they are tasteless.

My cousin Jolomi Gaga and I were reminiscing about our childhood, when we suddenly remembered this staple. Eghwobobo is made from pounded, cooked, very ripe plantain and eba. A portion of eba is pounded nicely with the plantain, giving a smooth and sweet swallow that you can happily chew on without soup. Kids love eghwobobo and as kids, it got so many of us into trouble because of “long throat”.

jolomi 2 That’s Jolomi and my baby. She got into trouble because of her love for Eghwobobo. I’ll save that story until she permits me to write about it. 😉

Eghwobobo is so delicious that your kids, who hate swallow, will start asking you for it. I will be looking forward to your comments because I know you will all come back to share your experiences. 🙂

Now let me show you something new but known to my kinsmen for ages. Courtesy of my Itsekiri heritage, I bring you Eghwobobo.

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How to Make Eba with a Microwave Oven (Updated)

Sometimes we run out of cooking gas or maybe you just want to be a bit lazy or fast with your cooking. Well, here is a quick and neat way of making eba for those hungry days. Simple, fast and effective. Yes O! 🙂 Continue reading How to Make Eba with a Microwave Oven (Updated)

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