Introducing MatseCooks Seasonings and Honey.

We are so happy and thankful to God for the MatseCooks range of products which has been in the work for a couple of years now. We underwent a lot of challenges and setbacks but we are grateful to say that we have created a blend of seasonings that are beautiful, delicious and will make you remember your mama’s cooking.

img_20161109_130919 MatseCooks range of products.

img_20161109_133825 MatseCooks Peppersoup Spice.

Our Pepper Soup Spices were carefully blended to give you that great taste of home. A few teaspoons can make you a big pot of peppersoup. It can be stored for a long period of time and will not lose it’s potency because our blend was craftily created.

img_20161109_130809 MatseCooks Suya spice.

MatseCooks Suya spice will delight your taste buds ☺? you could just start licking it from the bottle. We sat down with the local masters of Suya spice to bring you this beauty. This is the original northern yaji with a kick.

img_20161109_160758 MatseCooks Pure Honey.

MatseCooks Honey, gotten from the green country sides of Nsukka with the pollens within. It is real honey, undiluted and will pass “the honey test” for it’s purity. Attractively bottled with class.

WE WILL BE GIVING SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO HAMPER MAKERS as our way of celebrating the Yuletide season.


ABUJA: 0803 885 3124.

LAGOS (VI, Lekki, VGC, Ajah): Linda 0701 981 2212.

BENIN: Tetsoma 0803 828 3660.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing MatseCooks Seasonings and Honey.”

  1. I don’t think I ever left a comment on here but Matse trust me when I say I’ll patronize you on anything. You’ve been so amazing to my kitchen but you just never knew. Congrats on the feat!!! Kemi Adetiba sent me here by the way.

  2. When are the seasonings coming to Akure, Ondo state?
    Ps: it’s good to have you back madam. It’s been a while!

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