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How to make Garlic and Cayenne Pepper Insect/Rodent Repellant

Recently I have had a terrible stinking rat invading my household. It decided to use beneath my washing machine as it’s mansion, eating up the wires. Now the washer gives the error sign when turned on. Thank God the dryer produces hot air that might kill it, it would have turned underneath it to it’s annex. Hosting it’s girlfriends and illegitimate children. Gathering cotton wool-like junks and peeing everywhere getting me mad with anger.

I will sweep and clean, it will come back with it’s properties…I will clean again, this time it will remove dried manure from my flower pots to stuff under my washer, as if taunting me, saying “Na me and you get this house!”. Gosh it was driving me crazy! 🙁

ratty Rat singing; “Na me and you get this house o!”

I decided to do a little research, since I didn’t want to use any poisonous substances that my dog might find and eat, giving it a horrible and painful death. I decided to go the natural way and I am sharing it with you in case you have these little “Oloshis” invading your homes.

* Firstly, block all holes no matter how small they are. These rats can surprise you.
* Sweep out your house and keep everywhere clean and not cluttered.
* You can crush the garlic and pepper, scattering them around those corners and spaces


You can crush some garlic and cayenne (dried pepper) and soak them in oil (vegetable/olive oil) or water for a few days. I choose to use oil. Why? It is because just like in perfumes, the oil based ones keep the smell longer unlike eau de parfum. Drain and pour the oil into a container that can spray and spray those areas the rats enjoy relaxing in. Yes! Feel free to punish them with the pungent smell of the garlic and pepper and they will pack their luggage boarding the next jet plane to Timbuktu.

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17 thoughts on “How to make Garlic and Cayenne Pepper Insect/Rodent Repellant”

  1. This is currently the story of my life. U can’t Imagine coming from work and the rat pee smell fills your nostril. Just yst, I saw two dancing jaiye jaiye on our stairways as I wan go open gate.

    Meanwhile, can u pls share the ratio of garlic to pepper and garlic pepper combo to oil. Thanks in anticipation.

      1. Matse, I don try this formula, but it didn’t work o. I used fresh garlic n fresh cayenne pepper in veg oil. In fact, it smelt like mouth watering sauce! What could I have done wrong o

  2. Rats are a royal pain but that is funny running them to Timbuktu that all the way to Mali lol I didn’t know they are like Count Dracula not liking garlic and red chili but them wreaking your washing machine is not funny at all and to replace can be costly

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