I cook with @matsecooksseasonings and let me tell you about this brand of seasoning.

It was made with love and heart. I was thinking about giving you a great culinary experience with the safety of your health in mind.

That is why I used low sodium, no preservatives or colourants and made sure that the spices are organic. I keep working on the spices to better it even more.

We have gotten so many wonderful reviews on our Seasonings that is why I will tell you to click on @matsecooksseasonings to read the reviews. They were made by people like you who have experienced the spices.

We have;

1. Everything Spice: You can use it for grilling Meat and Seafood, for Eggs, Sauces, Stews and many more.

2. Suya Spice: This is also an all purpose spice and can be used for grilling, Eggs, Noodles, Meat and Seafood. 
3. 9ja Fried Rice Spice: Cook amazing coloured and well spiced fried rice with this spice.

4. Party Jollof Rice Spice: This spice will give you great tasting Party Jollof Rice.  You are going to love it.

5. Pepper Soup Spice: Not only is this a very fragrant pepper soup spice, it also tastes amazing...just add some crushed garlic and finish off with scent leaves for a ethereal experience.

We worked hard to bring you these spices of premium quality, freshly made at decent prices.

Call 0803 885 3124 to order.

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MatseCooks Spice Survey.

Hello my darlings,

I would love you to spend a few minutes out of your precious time to answer a few questions about MatseCooks Seasonings.

This is to help us make the spices even better for you eating pleasure.

Click here Take part in our online Survey

Thank you so much. We appreciate your time and effort spent.

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