Wow! My people! MatseCooks is growing from strength to strength. This video is a start of the MatseCooks Tv series on youtube. The journey has not been easy, it’s been hard work, sleepless nights, disappointments…you name it. If you had visited the site a few days ago, you would have noticed that it was taken down. Nor be small something o! I cried! (read more…)

That mouth looks like a mouth that loves to talk about food. Choi!. 🙂

Oya watch the video! Then read further for more jist. 🙂

(read more…)

8 thoughts on “MC Tv”

  1. I see your food and I am always hungry. It makes me miss home a lot. when I come to Nigeria, the food I will eat from my arrival day to my departure date will be ordered from you. How I wish you guys can deliver internationally or you guys have a branch office here in the U.S.A. I pray you endeavors grow and become international. Best of luck

  2. Hi Matse,

    I just love your show. You present so well and your meals look so heavenly. If you ever want to do a reality T.V. show in Lagos, I have a purposed built culinary film studio with training facilities you can use.

    It’s time for my lunch and I am feeling like some delicious groundnut soup.

    Give me a shout sometime and keep the recipes coming.


  3. Fantastic concept…….never had Ehwobobo and Groundnut Soup.

  4. So glad I came across your page. I have been looking for the Banga recipe for awhile now and I found yours to be very flavorful. I am excited to try the many wonderful meals on here and share them with my friends. I am also looking forward to more videos by you on YouTube.

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