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Nigerian Soft Puff puff

The Nigerian soft puff puff is a very popular snack in Nigeria. It is so easy to prepare with very little ingredients but the cooking techniques must be followed to achieve desired result. I promise you that this, tastes exactly like the street side puff puff you enjoy and long for. You can serve it with beverages or fried fish.

Makes: 6
Prep time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Meal type: Snack
Misc: Serve hot

150g of flour
50g of sugar
250ml of lukewarm water
1 tsp. of yeast
Vegetable oil (for deep frying)

1/2 tsp. of ground nutmeg
A pinch of salt


Step 1:

puff puff prep 1

In a bowl, add the sugar, water and yeast.

Step 2:

puff puff prep 2

Mix it all together and set aside for 10 minutes until it becomes frothy.

Step 3:

puff puff prep 3

In another bowl, pour in the sieved flour, add the nutmeg and mix thoroughly.

Step 4:

puff puff prep 4

Pour in the liquid mix in the first bowl into the thoroughly mixed flour and blend together until it is smooth without lumps. Cover with a clean cloth and set aside for one hour allowing the dough to proof.

Step 5:

puff puff prep 5

Remove the cloth after an hour. You will notice a doubling in the size of the dough. Heat up oil in a deep pot or pan (take note, if the pot is not deep enough and filled with oil, you will have flat puff puffs). Scoop the dough into your washed hand. With your thumb and index finger shaped into a small “O”, squeeze the dough through the small “O” into the hot oil to give you perfectly shaped puff puffs. Oops! So sorry I missed photographing this trick. lol. Fry on both sides till golden brown.


puff puff Nigerian Soft Puff puff

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48 thoughts on “Nigerian Soft Puff puff”

  1. I think you should find a way of photographing that trick and adding it. Some of us have not been able to get it right.
    Thanks for this puff puff tips.

    1. I will upload this trick in the future…so sorry I missed it. My sous chef was not fast enough with the camera. πŸ™‚

  2. I will give this a try. You are doing a fantastic job girl. I am watching you and seeing you progress greatly. Your blog looks great.

    Well I expected nothing less since you always exude and achieve excellence.

    My regards to your pretty baby daughter. She is so cute. I saw her pictures on facebook. In case you are wondering. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello Matse,

    Have always enjoyed reading your stuffs and trying them out. thanks to you and keep it up. more blessings.

  4. Aunty Matse,i commend ur culinary works,am addicted 2 ur blog,always here 2 check new mouth-watering dishes..Thumbs Up,ma’am.kindly do tutorials on Meat-pie(mince-pie) as d name goes…pls as am dying 2 get a bite on one after such a long time leaving home n can’t be gotten where i am,so,am thinking u cld assist.

  5. Thanks Matse for d dis wonderful tip on puff puff, U r really a good teacher. *big hug*. Trying it out ASAP. More blessings

  6. I tried making puff puff but with an already mixed packaged flout which I bought from the supermarket. Everything’s went well but the only tricky part for me was in turning the balls to the other side, it kept flipping back again so only one side got brown and fried well. Do you have any advise for this Matse?

    1. Hi Dupe,
      Next time you are frying, please use a smaller pot or add more puff puff mix into the pot. This way, they are a bit crowded and there is not much space between them. You can flip over the puff puff and it will stay.

  7. Matse you remind me of home……. I’ll confess I miss puff puff seller just around my neighbourhood in Lagos. As a kid, I loved puff puff so much. My mum used to make hers spicey by adding some dried pepper and sometimes made some of the puffs in colours like red, blue, green. It was fun because we choose colours we wanted and was real fun as a kid.
    Kudos Matse!

  8. I just stumbled upon ur blog and i really love it!the recipes are really detailed and easy to follow.keep up the good work

  9. Aunty Matse, you make cooking look easy. i am going to give cooking another chance because of this blog. thank you so much.
    P.S na small pikin dey talk.

  10. Can I add milk, some u usually mixed the yeast and all ingredient together,without mixing the sugar with water separately like what u ve done,want to know if thant is correct.thanks

  11. Hi matse,am Jessica ..just found out about your blog some days ago..going through it just gave me immense joy because I love being in the kitchen but most times am out of ideas on what to make,tired of the regular stuff..but am certain your blog would be my new addiction

  12. Hi Matse, happy new year. I tried this recipe but things went south. First, I don’t know if the flour to water ratio is right but my batter came out a bit watery. I added a bit more flour. While frying, I noticed it was coming out really oily, and ofcourse I didn’t get your hand trick for getting the round shape. As it’s not specified, I fried on high heat. I also used 5gms o yeast as a teaspoon. Please let me know what I possibly did wrong, I’m gutted. Thanks

    1. Hi Noni.

      Did you use the universal standard measurement cups/spoons. Using another cup will not give you the right measurement.

      I feel you used the wrong measurement apparatus. Please get one from a good supermarket close to you. They are quite cheap.

      Frying technique: Scoop some dough into your hand. Form a circle with your thumb and the finger close to it and squeeze the dough through it like a tube into a pot containing a lot of oil. There should be a lot of oil in the pot for the puff puff to float in it. If your dough stays at the bottom, gently push with your slotted spoon to allow it float to the top.

      Make sure the pot is full of puff puff so that you can flip them and have them stay in place…to avoid one side cooking more than the other.

      I hope I have helped with this. πŸ™‚

  13. Hello, Matse. I like the look of your puffpuff but one question, please. when the dough has risen and I want to fry, do I have to mix it together before scooping into hot oil?

  14. Okay. Thanks. I’ll give it a try again and I hope I get it right this time cos my puffpuff has always been a hit or miss.

  15. Hi matse

    I’m about to make some puff puff now but I do not have yeast. Can I mix without yeast and possibly leave it overnight to rise?

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