Pepper Stew

One of the most eaten delicacies in Nigeria is stew and it comes in varieties having slight modifications in different parts of the country. There is hardly a restaurant you walk into that doesn’t have this side dish on their menu. If you don’t have stew on your menu, then you are not ready for business as it goes well with staples like yam, rice, plantain, potatoes etc.

It is easy to prepare and very versatile…you can make it with fish, meat, mushrooms, snails, sea food and many more. I love to change my stew recipes as I easily get tired of the same old tatse, so I explore…using all sorts of meat and vegetables from time to time.

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Happy 2016!!!

If you are reading this post, I know you successfully crossed into 2016 and I want to wish you a Happy New Year. 🙂
I am so glad you made it. Many have died in the past year but God kept you and for that, we should be eternally grateful.

2016 will come with a lot of blessings and success for us all. Did I hear an “Amen”? 🙂 I intend to work even harder, churning out recipes and making amazing photos. I have come to discover that it is not just all about cooking for me, it is also about the photography. Continue reading Happy 2016!!!

Choco Coconut and Cococnut Puff Puff

This season has been very busy for me. I have been working hard and hustling for money. I also have my mother in law around, so I have been busy taking care of her needs. E nor easy…I tell you.

Luckily, she happens to be a huge fan of puff puff, so I decided to be creative with it. Walking into my ladder, I noticed I had four packets of desicated coconuts…left overs from a coconut rice I made for a company event a while ago. So I grabbed it, beside it was standing a can of Amel Susan Cocoa powder which I plucked off the rack too. You both are going into my puff puff recipe I said to myself.


And in they went.

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MatseCooks’ Designer Eba

Eba (swallow) has evolved from just being rounded and placed on a plate into beautiful food art. I decided to do my own take on swallows…something nice and modern. Something very unique.

I was busy cleaning up and arranging my kitchen when I spied my biscuit maker/ cake decorator and I said to myself. Hey! You could do something extra-ordinary with this. I have always been gifted with my hands and made amazing cake decorations, so I decided to use Eba as my raw material for designing.

soup small

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Stir Fried Concoction Basmati Rice

Concoction rice has been on the Nigerian food scene for ages but it was a meal I didn’t really care about because I saw so many versions of it that I didn’t really like nor enjoyed. Some where just made up of palm oil and pepper with a little crayfish and seasoning. I just didn’t get it so it was not on my list of favorite meals until I told myself to look into it and modify it.


I decided to go for basmati rice, swapped the palm oil for vegetable oil and instead of making it a one pot meal, I made it a stir fry. 🙂 You know where I am going right? I brought in the Asian way of cooking, using an African recipe. God bless Asians and their techniques. Boy it was so good! It tasted like nothing I had tasted before and had more depth than the usual concoction rice. You should try this. Damnnn! You should!!! 😀

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Nigerian Fiery Toast

Since I got married and became a mother, I started enjoying breakfast a lot. Unlike my single days when I could easily skip breakkie, now mouths have to be fed and that meant I needed to eat too. By eating with my family, I started learning new ways of presenting breakfast. Adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that, tweaking etc.

That was how I decided to add some fire to my toast. 🙂


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Asaro (Yam Porridge)

This is a very easy meal to prepare and extremely versatile. You can tweak it as you want and it goes with a variety of side dishes like stewed meats, fish, eggs, vegetables etc.

My Mum makes it with lots of smoked fish and dried shrimps. The type of fish you would find in the southern part of Nigeria. Gigantic, dark, freshly smoked and quite expensive. She would throw in chunks, bits and pieces of fish…every mouthful was special. 🙂


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