We are happy to announce our new range of exquisite spices and honey.


1. MatseCooks Suya seasoning.

This seasoning is absolutely delicious and gives a burst of flavours when used for poultry, beef, sea food etc.

It is also great in sauces and stews. This is easily one of the best of Suya spices out there.



2. MatseCooks Peppersoup Spice.

We are proud to say that your Grandma and Mum would approve our peppersoup spice. It is earthy, flavourful and with a delicious aroma.

It can be used for any type of peppersoup, Ofe nsala, Gbagbafofo soup.

**** We will be adding three more seasonings to our range soon.



MatseCooks Honey is organic, clean and 100% natural.

Gotten from the country sides of Eastern Nigeria from hardworking conscientious framers. It is simply a delight.

Call:  +234 8038853124 to order.


8 thoughts on “Seasonings”

  1. Hi,

    Your website is awesome! Great job with your cooking.

    Please i would like to know how i can make a crunchy fish using the oven and without using eggs.


    1. Dear Adenike, you can substitute eggs with milk. I have made my fish fingers using the frying method. I have not tried using the oven yet.

  2. hi matse,
    i love your website. would love to work something with you for dealdey. am sure you know about us. a package that no other restaurant has that would make you stand out become known to our over 1million subscriber base. what do u think?

  3. I see your food and I am always hungry. It makes me miss home a lot. when I come to Nigeria, the food I will eat from my arrival day to my departure date will be ordered from you. How I wish you guys can deliver internationally or you guys have a branch office here in the U.S.A. I pray you endeavors grow and become international. Best of luck

  4. Am so passionate about anything that has to do with kitchen. I would like to learn inter-continental dishes and many more. Please do you train on them live? How much is the training program?

  5. hello matse ,

    if you that same matse that work with uzo on wazobia fm am a big fan of urs until your posted to coolfm to speak oyinbo which u did well . meanwhile i love ou site it helpful for me .
    please my question is when making owo , what if i cannot starch to mix with it , will i go down well.

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