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Banga Soup: The Itsekiri Way (2)

Where I come from, Banga soup served without the native pot (clay earthenware baked in high heat) nor be am at all. There is this something-something that the native pot gives to the soup that gives it a peculiar taste. Some say this is the original Egbele korkor Miyor. I say, it can be any soup, as long as it can make a man want to pay your bride price or re-pay your bride price. 😉

It was not a small something o! Omo Oyibo (what I call my hubby) had been disturbing me for Banga soup for aeons, in short he was almost sulking. It surprises me that he has great love for this soup, even with a German mother and a foreign palate, when he hears Banga soup, his body starts to shake Gbigiri-gbigiri.
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Banga Soup (The Itsekiri way).

Banga soup is the Itsekiri woman’s “Egbele koko miyo” meaning “A cock can never reject maize seeds”. As a proud Itsekiri woman, let me show you how to cook it our way and your man will always come back for more. Being riverine natives we use fresh fish for this delicacy but the Itsekiri woman can put a twist to any pot of soup using variety of proteins. Honestly, that is where the secret lies.The Itsekiris call this soup Obienye 🙂 Continue reading Banga Soup (The Itsekiri way).

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