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Pepper Stew

One of the most eaten delicacies in Nigeria is stew and it comes in varieties having slight modifications in different parts of the country. There is hardly a restaurant you walk into that doesn’t have this side dish on their menu. If you don’t have stew on your menu, then you are not ready for business as it goes well with staples like yam, rice, plantain, potatoes etc.

It is easy to prepare and very versatile…you can make it with fish, meat, mushrooms, snails, sea food and many more. I love to change my stew recipes as I easily get tired of the same old tatse, so I explore…using all sorts of meat and vegetables from time to time.

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How to make Nigerian Peppered Ponmo

I assured you guys (take note Kaycee’s mom) that I will be posting the dishes I made this past Sunday at my family get together. Peppered Ponmo is one of them. If you are wondering what ponmo is, it is simply cow hide made edible. Nigerians looooove ponmo and some can swear by it. ;-). Continue reading How to make Nigerian Peppered Ponmo

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