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Zobo also known as sorrel is a popular drink in Nigeria. It is derived from the hibiscus plant. Very easy to prepare and absolutely refreshing. As usual, I love to add a twist to my recipes. 🙂 Instead of just making Zobo drink, I decided to do a mix of Zobo and Lemonade, hence the title of this post which is Zobonade.


Zobonade was born out of sheer curiousity of wanting to know what the blend would taste like and I’ll tell you something…it is absolutely delicious. Different from plain Zobo and Lemonade and an excellent combination of both. I will not be using measurements for this recipe as many would have different preferences for how they want their zobonade to taste. Some might want it very sweet and others not so sweet. Some might want it light and others thicker… so just go with the flow.

So, let me show you how to make this tasty drink.

Get some sorrel plant from the market. Rinse thoroughly to remove sand.

Place the washed zobo plant into a pot. Cover with water and brew over heat until it is dense.


Strain through a sieve into a clean container and allow to cool.


Pour some water into a clean pot and set it over flame. Add enough sugar as you wish, stir and allow the sugar to melt, then turn off the flame and allow to cool.


Roll the lemons over the chop board to release the juice and then cut into halves.


Squeeze the juice through a sieve into the pot containing the water-sugar solution and mix together. Adding lemons to this drink adds vitamins as the lemons are not subjected to heat, thereby retaining their water soluble vitamins.

Now mix one or two cups of zobo to four cups of lemonade. Add more sugar to sweeten to taste if needed. Store away in the refrigerator to cool and serve with ice cubes and slices of lemon.

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Here is a handy printable for your use.

A delicious mix of sorrel and lemons.
Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 1. Sorrel plant
  2. 2. Lemons
  3. 3. Sugar/Honey/Sweetener
  4. 4. Water
  1. 1. Brew sorrel plant in a pot with water over flame. Strain into a container and allow to cool.
  2. 2. Dissolve sugar in some water in a pot over heat. Allow to cool.
  3. 3. Cut and squeeze lemons through a sieve into the pot containing the sugar water solution.
  4. 4. Blend one to two cups of zobo/sorrel juice to four parts of lemonade.
  5. 5. Chill in the refrigerator.
  1. * Serve with ice cubes and lemon slices.
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13 thoughts on “Zobonade”

  1. Hi Matse, your photography ehnnnnnn!!!! I always get thrilled each time I read your post and somewhere on the 2nd -3rd line you say “as usual, I always love to add a twist to my recipes”. It excites me cos I also love to add a twist to the recipe after downloading from you!!! So yes! I would make Zobonade popsicles for me and my girls. Well done Matse.

    1. Aww Vivian my dear.
      It’s like we are on the same wave length. I have been thinking in that direction too.
      Thanks for loving my blog and give my love to the girls. 🙂

  2. Matse u have no idea how much I love your blog!!!!!! Its so creative and always full of colours, I”m drawn to creativity, good photography and colour. You’ve got these three in an awesomely mindblowing way.

  3. And yes I forgot to add. We enjoyed our “popsicled zobonade drink”. What about a whatsapp fans club?

  4. Hello Matse. I love your blog and I love your recipes. When I learned how to make zobo, I was always curious to find out what zobo will taste like if I used other fruits apart from pineapple (peels included). So I used sweet watermelon and carrots. These are the only 2 I have used and the taste came out well. I use dried lemongrass, this remains my favourite and it gives zobo a rich taste. My friends love it too. I have never used sugar for zobo but I prefer cola and fresh fruits. I am going to try this soon. Thanks

  5. Hi matse, great job you are doing. I visit your instagram page daily. I have never really been a fan of zobo but lately I had to take it cos someone said it helped relieve him of ulcer pain. I didn’t enjoy it cos it was plain thick zobo drink but hey! Looking at this your zobonade, I’m so going to try it out cos I’m huge lover of lemonade. No doubt it will be worth it. Keep up the good work sis.

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